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Bachelor Party Hunt | South Dakota Pheasant Hunt

One of the biggest days of you or your friend's life deserves an adventure that the group will never forget. Playing dollar-toss and bar-hopping is definitely fun, but I'm pretty sure it's been done a few times before. So, why not round up the boys and head to South Dakota for a pheasant hunting trip that rivals any other adventure you've been on? (dollar-tossing and bar-hopping will still be an integral part of this trip, if you so choose)

You are welcome to adjust the itinerary and activities however you wish, but here is basically how it would work:

    1. Arrive at one of our hunting lodges in Dallas, SD, the night before the hunt. We can't start hunting until 10 a.m. the next morning, so the group is welcome to hit up the two entertainment establishments in Dallas until 2 a.m (Frank Day's Bar & Cody's Bar). An after party is optional, but it always seems to happen, so just plan on it.
    2. Wake up, medicate, tell stories, and have some breakfast. We like to be hunting by 11 a.m., but that is up to your group (again, 10 a.m. is the earliest we can start).
    3. There will likely be a few headaches among the group, but as soon as we hit the first field and 500 birds explode into the air, the pain seems to disappear. Our pheasant hunting is arguably the best in South Dakota and it is nothing like a game farm. It is a wingshooter's paradise and no other hunt can match the opportunities that it gives to a large group. Everyone in your group will have ample shooting opportunities. The best part is that when someone misses, there are plenty of witnesses. There will be no shortage of stories to be told at the dinner table and watering holes later in the day.
    4. The pheasant hunt is usually finished by about 4 p.m. After that, we head back to your lodge in Dallas. I forgot to mention that we have 2 hunting lodges in Dallas, 1 and 3 blocks away from the bars. If anyone needs a nap, there is time to do that. More than likely, the night will begin.
    5. Around 7 p.m. we will have dinner at one of the bar/restaurants in Dallas or we might head over to Gregory (4 miles) for supper. After supper we can do a little bar-hoppin in Gregory before heading back to the entertainment in Dallas. Dallas, SD is only a town of about 150, but during pheasant season it comes alive. The area is full of hunters during pheasant season and this tiny little town gets pretty wild, but not in the huge bar-brawl or rowdy locals kind of way. It really is a lot of fun and Frank Day's Bar is a classic watering-hole that must be experienced.
    6. Depending on the number of days you want to hunt, you get to do it all over again the next day.

We had a bachelor party come out for a hunt last year. Immediately after the hunt, they booked for the following year. So, it's safe to say that the hunting trip was a success and everyone, including the bachelor, got permission to come back out to South Dakota.

In my opinion, a pheasant hunting trip to SD is the perfect hunt and makes a great bachelor party. The memories will last forever and you and your friends will always have the stories to fall back on if you ever run out of stuff to talk about.

We look forward to giving you a great hunt and helping you make memories to last a lifetime.

I almost forgot. Bachelorette parties are certainly welcome as well !!!

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